Pregnancy outcome following M.MR vaccination

Pregnancy outcome following M.MR vaccination Lorzadeh N1, Ghafarzadeh M1, Vahabi S2, Lashgar-ara GhR3 1. Assistant professor, Department of gynecology, Faculty of medicine, Lorestan University of medical sciences 2. Assistant profwssor, Department of anesthesiology, Faculty of medicine, Lorestan University of medical sciences 3. General practitioner, Information and drugs center of Lorestan health department Abstract Background: In this study we evaluate the outcome of pregnancy in the patient that received M. MR vaccine during M.MR vaccination program on Lorestan of fall 2003. Materials and methods: This is a descriptive epidemiologic study, we evaluated all of women that vaccinated with M.MR vaccine during pre and post conception. We collected and analyzed all of information like prognosis of pregnancy, congenital rubella syndrome, gestational age weigh of newborn. Results: In 92 pregnancy women infected with MMR vaccine, the prognosis of pregnancy clearly seen 88 pregnant women (96%) 73 (83%) had normal and healthy newborn infant and 5 (6%) had spontaneot abortion and 10 pregnant women (11%) had legal abortion. Mean gestational age at birth was 39.52.1 and weigh of newborn was 3257535 grams. None of the live born infants had not congenital rubella syndrome. Conclusion: In this study we showed M.MR vaccination during pregnancy had not any complication pregnancy. But pregnancy yet is an contraindication for M.MR vaccibnation, vecause this patient theories have risk of congenital rubella syndrome. Key words: pregnancy outcome, M.MR vaccination, pregnant women

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