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Medicinal plants of Lorestan (17413 Downloads)
A Comparison of H&E Staining and IHC Study in Quantization of Duodenal Intra-Epithelial Lymphocytes (12305 Downloads)
The relationship between metacognitive beliefs and anxiety and depression disorder (10000 Downloads)
Identification of Outpatient Urinary Pathogens and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern in Ahwaz, Iran 2002-2003 (7935 Downloads)
Study of germination indices and characters and seed establishment of myrtus communis L. (7819 Downloads)
The frequency of blood transfusion and its components in hospitalized patients in Shohada Ashayer hospital in Khorramabad, 2009 (6935 Downloads)
Semen evaluation in opium addicts and non addicts: A case-control study (5632 Downloads)
The relationship between the social support and mental health in Lorestan university students in 2009 (5514 Downloads)
Study of the relationship between the leadership style of managers and Job Burnout among the staff of Lorestan university of medical sciences in 2010 (4374 Downloads)
Determination of heavy metals concentration in drinking water resources of Aleshtar in 2009 (4319 Downloads)
Study of ZnO nano particles photocatalytic process efficiency in decolorization of methylene blue and COD removal from synthetic wastewater (4254 Downloads)
Antioxidant properties of leaves essential oil and hydroalcoholic extract Vitex pseudo-negundo (4250 Downloads)
Study of heavy metal concentration (As, Ba, Cd, Hg, Pb, Cr)in water resources and river of Borujerd city in 2008-2009 (4086 Downloads)
Antibacterial effects of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of Thyme on enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (4074 Downloads)
تأثیر تاب‌آوری بر سلامت روانی و رضایت از زندگی، یک الگوی روان‌شناختی از بهزیستی (4041 Downloads)
Determination of sensitivity, specificity and cut off point of visual- Motor Bender Gestalt Test in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (3991 Downloads)
Determination of Cadmium and Lead levels in high consumed rice (Oryza Sativa L.) cultivated in Lorestan province and its comparison with national standards (3558 Downloads)
The Effects of High - Risk - Behavior Prevetion Educational Program on the Knowledge and Atittude of School Health Trainers in Khoramabad in 1384 (3201 Downloads)
The role of emotional intelligence in increasing mental health of school principals (3160 Downloads)
Prevalence of behavioural problems of Khorramabad pre-school children (3133 Downloads)
Ovarian stimulation, endometrium and implantation (3133 Downloads)
Identification of KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in clinical samples in Iran (3028 Downloads)
The effective family and personality factors on felony in adolescent felons of Khorramabad house of correction (2993 Downloads)
Effective factors on violence against women in Lorestan county towns (2913 Downloads)
Impact determination of strength and resistance training on Glycoside hemoglobin and blood sugar on patients with type II diabetes” (2901 Downloads)
The quality of health care services provided in health care centers of Khorramabad using SERVQUAL model in 2010 (2884 Downloads)
Nitrate removal from water using denitrifier-bacteria immobilized on activated carbon at fluidized-bed reactor (2875 Downloads)
The effect of oral clonidine pre-medication prior to anesthesia on bleeding during tympanoplasty (2856 Downloads)
The effect of traditional games and ordinary games on manipulative skills development in educable mental retarded boys (2827 Downloads)
Effect of Licorice extract in the treatment of melasma (2781 Downloads)
Efficacy of the disinfectants and antiseptics used in hospitals (2766 Downloads)
A comparison of life quality and public health after natural and cesarean delivery in women referred to khorramabad health centers in 2009-2011 (2711 Downloads)
The effect of main ecological factors on essence yield percent of myrtus communis in different forest sites of Lorestan province (2694 Downloads)
The effect of metronidazole on biological denitrification of Pesudomonas stutzeri in wastewater (2675 Downloads)
Physical features and nutritional value of golden and red delicious apples (Malus, Domestica Borkh) grown in Lorestan, Iran (2647 Downloads)
The effect of daily therapeutic community model on personality traits of the substance abusers referred to Khorramabad TC center (2621 Downloads)
PCR identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa based on two outermembrane lipoprotein oprI, oprL, and exotoxin A gene (2621 Downloads)
Determination of corrosion and sedimentation potential in drinking water distribution system of khorramabad city by corrosion indices and weight loss method (2618 Downloads)
Study of job satisfaction among faculty members of Lorestan university of medical science (2611 Downloads)
Study of total count, E. coli and coliforms contamination of raw milk from letdown stage till delivery to factory in Lorestan province (2604 Downloads)
The study of M.S patient's life style referred to MS association in Tehran city in 2008 (2603 Downloads)
Diagnosis and treatment of antisperm antibody (2590 Downloads)
The effect of progressive muscle relaxation techniques on anxiety in Patients with myocardial infarction (2586 Downloads)
The evaluation of the causes of complaint to Khorramabad Medical Council Organization from 2006 to 2011 (2552 Downloads)
Systematic review of the most important medicinal plants and place them in the international treatment of diseases (2508 Downloads)
Knowledge of health care providers about legal aspects of medical records in teaching hospitals affiliated to Lorestan university of medical sciences (2498 Downloads)
The effects of 12-wk combined aerobic/resistance training on C-reactive protein (CRP) serum and interleukin-6 (IL-6) plasma in sedentary men (2497 Downloads)
Effect of educational- supportive interventions on premature infants’ lentgh of hospitalization and maternal stress (2488 Downloads)
Isolation and identification of phenol degrading bacteria from Kor river and their growth kinetics assay (2479 Downloads)
Equity in distribution of intensive care beds in Iran with Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve approach (2470 Downloads)
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