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Outcomes of opiod abstinence after ultra-rapid opiate detoxification (UROD) under general anaesthesia (67020 Views)
Semen evaluation in opium addicts and non addicts: A case-control study (49414 Views)
Comparing the Efficacy and Adverse Effects of Citalopram with Nortriptylinee in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (42350 Views)
Comparison of the effect of Olanzapine and Sertraline on patients suffering from personality disorder, receiving methadone maintenance therapy (40942 Views)
comparison of endotracheal intubation with nerve block and intravenous injection (36590 Views)
The effect of sodium valporate on the treatment of opium withdrawal patients (36405 Views)
A Study of Chemistry and Antinociceptive Properties of Medicinal Plant Allium Jesdianum Leaves and the Probable Role of Opioidergic System (33171 Views)
Study of frequency of operated chest wall tumors In Al Zahra hospital from 2007 to 2009,Isfahan,Iran (30795 Views)
The effect of rapid detoxification method with Naltrexone on drug abuse quitting in drug abusers referred to Khorramabad Psychiatric hospital during the first half of the year 2005 (30026 Views)
The efficacy of adding Dexamethazone to Clomiphene citrate in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility (28959 Views)
Effect of Licorice extract in the treatment of melasma (28508 Views)
Evaluation of antibiotic resistance in patients with urinary tract infection , khorramabad Madani hospital 2001-2002 (27803 Views)
Cytotoxic evaluation of medicinal smoke "Anbar Nasara" against cancer cells (Hela & KB) and a normal cell line (L929), using MTT assay (27384 Views)
Effect of olive leaf, mulberry leaf and fenugreek seed extract on plasma cholesterols and fatty streaks at aorta wall on hypercholestrolemic rabbit (27040 Views)
The effect of combined antioxidant supplement on serum lipids levels in female Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (26387 Views)
Phonological effects on chemical composition of essential oil of Satureja hortensis L. (26133 Views)
The Effects of High - Risk - Behavior Prevetion Educational Program on the Knowledge and Atittude of School Health Trainers in Khoramabad in 1384 (25216 Views)
Chronic appendicitis in a patient with 15 years abdominal pain (24426 Views)
The role of stress on the rise of blood pressure (24210 Views)
The relationship between mental disorders and irritable bowel syndrome (23840 Views)
.Neuroprotection induced by Preconditioning with Prolonged and Intermittent Normobaric Hyperoxia Induce Catalase Activity in the rat stroke model (22694 Views)
Post-Vaccination disseminated BCG infection in an 8-month-old infant (21918 Views)
Study of cases of suicide with plaster as a new and strange way of suicide in Lorestan Province (21551 Views)
Tracheobronchial injuries in blunt chest trauma (21152 Views)
An Asthma mimicker air ways tumor: report of a rare case of schwonnoma (21086 Views)
The effects of verjuice consumption on risk factors of profile lipid and development of atherosclerosis in hypercholesterolemic rabbits (21069 Views)
The impact of chronic GVHD on survival of Patients with acute myeloid leukemia after non-T-cell depleted HLA-identical sibling peripheral blood stem cells transplantation (20460 Views)
Antibacterial activity of aqueous extracts of Mazuj and Ghalghaf galls of Quercus infectoria in Lorestan forests (20371 Views)
Prevalence of delirium in hospitalized internal medicine and surgical adult patients in Shohadaye ashayer hospital of Khoram abad (20356 Views)
Epidemiologic study of hymen situation in persons referred to examination part of Shiraz legal medicine organization (20142 Views)
Effect of educational- supportive interventions on premature infants’ lentgh of hospitalization and maternal stress (20117 Views)
The survey of the psychological and personality characteristics of delinquent girls and women running away from home (20032 Views)
Death due to hemangioblastoma cerebellar tumor with psychotic manifestation: A case report (19724 Views)
Synthesis and study of effects of new 4-chloro – amodiaquine analogues against two resistant and sensitive forms to chloroquine Plasmodium Falciparum, in vitro (19399 Views)
Study of sonography sensitivity and specificity to the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in suspected patients referred to Khorramabad Ashayer hospital (19398 Views)
Comparison of complications result from CU-T 380 A and CU Safe 300 IUDs three months after insertion (19121 Views)
The knowledge of Tehran citizens on environmental pollutions, related health effects and their information sources (18902 Views)
Risks from ionizing radiation during pregnancy (18357 Views)
Contamination of water reservoirs to Legionella in khorramabad hospitals (18244 Views)
The effective family and personality factors on felony in adolescent felons of Khorramabad house of correction (18219 Views)
Study of Some Long-Term Effects of Vasectomy in Khorram Abad City (18127 Views)
The screening of depressive disorder in 20- 64 aged people in Khorramabad (18001 Views)
Study of effective factors on the pruritus in patients with end stage renal disease under hemodialysis in Valiasr hospital, Arak (17984 Views)
Study of germination indices and characters and seed establishment of myrtus communis L. (17718 Views)
The effect of zinc on childhood acute diarrhea a triple blind randomized controlled trial (17687 Views)
Impact determination of strength and resistance training on Glycoside hemoglobin and blood sugar on patients with type II diabetes” (17504 Views)
Efficacy of apple cider vinegar and verjuice in the treatment of hyperlipidemia compared with lovastatin (17420 Views)
Comparative study of adverse effects of Olanzapine and Risperidone on blood suger, lipid and other side effects in psychotic disorders (17259 Views)
Ovarian stimulation, endometrium and implantation (17177 Views)
An evaluation of Tehran intercity bus drivers’ vision compared with the standards for Iran and Europe (17095 Views)
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